Super-Villains, or simply Villains, are people in the Spider-Man Saga that are working towards chaos. These are people who break the laws, cause destruction, and can be considered "evil" in nature.

Bold text denotes a major villain. Italic text denotes a group.

List of Villains of Earth-616Edit

Alistar Smythe Beetle Big Wheel Boomerang
Burglar Carnage Chameleon Demogoblin
Diamond Hammer Doctor Octopus Electro The Enforcers
Elias Flynn Green Goblin Hammerhead Hobgoblin
The Hostiles Hydro-Man Iguana Jackal
Kingpin Kraven Lizard Mephisto
Molten Man Morbius Mysterio Rhino
Rose Sandman Scorpion The Seekers
Shocker Shriek Spider-Man Doppleganger Spider-Slayers
Silvermane The Sinister Six Spencer Smythe Spot
Swarm Tinkerer Tombstone Venom

List of Villains of Earth-90214Edit

Chameleon The Enforcers Fancy Dan Kraven Montana Norman Osborn
Ox Vulture

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