The Hostiles
The Hostiles
Numerous Unnamed
Elias Flynn (defected)
Former Members
First Appearance
Friends and Enemies #2
(February 1995)
Last Appearance

The Hostiles were a group of people, determined to make the Metahumes there own.


  • Disintegrator beams, able to reduce people to nothing.
  • Hovercrafts with cloaking capabilities.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Crystaline Monster

The Crystalline Monster

They kill Elias Flynn as Flynn betrayed them for his own means and after recruit the Metahumes giving them no choice as they had taken their loved ones hostage.

Their plan was to discover the origins of the Metahumes and later Spider-Man, Nova, Speedball and Darkhawk's power even if it meant reducing them to a molecular level so that they may sell them on to the highest bidder and make millions of dollars.

One of the team absorbs all the powers of the Darkhawk's Crystals after subjecting them to different energies and becomes a giant crystalline monster absorbing his comrades into his body, he also gained the abilities of Spider-Man and the New Warriors. After Spider-Man stops him, turning him human once again all of The Hostiles die.