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Friends and Enemies #3
Friends and Enemies 3
Publication Date
March 1995





Darkhawk follows the Metahumes after having to let them go and tracks them to Paradeen Manor, returning to Spider-Man, Nova and Speedball to inform them. Elias Flynn is killed by The Hostiles using a disintegrator beam and he Metahumes realise they are no longer under mind control but are forced to align themselves with The hostiles when they reveal they have taken their loved ones captive and so go with them. Assault overhears a few of The Hostiles and deduces the captive are near a club called the Spruce and so informs Spider-Man. He Speedball and Nova head there whilst Darkhawk follows the hovercraft. Spider-Man and his tem arrive just intime to stop one of the captives being executed and after saving them again Spider-man receives a message from Assault telling them where they have been taken. The Metahumes are then placed in tanks and The Hostiles plans are revealed. They wish to extract the secret of their powers to have them as their own to sell to the highest bidder, even if it means killing them. Spider-Man and the New Warriors turn up but also end up being placed in tanks like the Metahumes to have the source of their power taken from them for the Hostiles to use.