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Friends and Enemies #2
Friends and Enemies 2
Publication Date
February 1995





Spider-Man, Speedball, Nova and Darkhawk decide they must find the Metahumes and head to New Warrior Headquarters in the hopes their computers can help them locate them. Meanwhile under Elias Flynn's mind control the Metahumes take part in a robbery at the Rockefeller Center, afterward back at their base (Paradeen Manor) Assault and Blazeye try to free themselves from Elias' control however the rebellion is short lived due to Diamond Hammer protecting Elias. At New Warrior Headquarters they make a breakthrough and discover where the Metahumes are and go in pursuit. Elias takes the Metahumes to Brooklyn in the hopes of selling them all for a profit, however the deal changes and the buyers wish to take them for free and the unleash The Seekers on them to subdue and take them, however they are unsuccessful. The Metahumes spare them but Elias orders them to kill them all but Spider-Man and the rests show up to stop them. Elias then controls them to attack Spider-Man and company. The fight goes badly and they have to let the Metahumes go, determined to find them again later. The comic ends with The Hostiles talking about the Metahumes and how they will ultimately take control of them.