“I'm going to help all the damaged creatures of the world.”
   — Tanis Nieves
Tanis Nieves
Tanis Nieves
Scorn (symbiote)
First Appearance
Carnage #1
(December 2010)
Last Appearance
Carnage #5
(August 2011)

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Tanis Nieves was once the Head Doctor at Ravencroft Institute, who wished to cure all the damaged creatures of the world and from her time as Head Doctor formed a close attachment to her patient Frances Louise Barrison.


Tanis has brown eyes and long brown hair. She only has one arm due to Royal blue and now wears a prosthetic.


When Tanis was little she found a dog with three legs and one eye which started her love for caring for the damaged creatures of the world. She graduated when she was 26 and decided to be a psychologist, becoming the Head Doctor of Ravencroft Institute. During her time here she refused to have Frances 'put down' as she detests the idea of killing a patient and giving up on them.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit


She tries to stop Frances her from being moved from Ravencroft to Halltech and in the ensuing madness caused by France's ability to cause people to riot looses an arm after being shot by Royal Blue whilst trying to save The Spider-Man Doppleganger. She receives a new prosthetic from Halltech is forbidden to tell Spider-Man as it would mean she can no longer see Frances. The symbiote inside the prosthetic takes over and causes her to kill many and makes her free Carnage who now resided at Halltech. She is then taken over by Carnage for a time but doesn't bind fully with him and later cuts off her prosthetic when Shriek reveals she is carrying Carnage's child. She finally agrees to take the prosthetic back as it tells her it fears Shriek and she bonds with it, becoming Scorn. After this she is house in Avenger's Tower for observation due to bonding to Scorn.