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This wiki was created in order to compete with The Spider-Man Wiki, for we find it disorganized, incomplete, and hard to read. We simply want to make a substantially better wiki for you to get all your Spider-man information from.

Tom Rowley and myself (Stan Richards) are trying our hardest to make this a unique, good looking and engaging Spider-man Wiki. For now we may be low on pages and info, but with your help, we will get to our intended goal of over 1000 pages.

We would love information on all comics, TV Shows, and Other Media related to Spider-Man, so don't be shy. Add to our pages. Add pages we need. For more info if you wish to take part and help out see the site Guidelines page to help you in creating article and should there be anything else you're unsure of be sure to contact us.

There are many Heroes, Villains and Civilians within the Spider-Man Saga all of which have played their roles in aiding or in most cases for the Villains causing havoc for Spider-Man over the many years since the first Spider-Man Comic was released.

The Heroes of Spider-Man
  • Spider-ManGo to Spider-Man
  • Black CatGo to Black Cat
  • Anti-VenomGo to Anti-Venom
  • DarkhawkGo to Darkhawk
  • Madame WebGo to Madame Web
  • NovaGo to Nova
  • Black PantherGo to Black Panther
  • SpeedballGo to Speedball

The Villains of Spider-Man

  • HobgoblinGo to Hobgoblin
  • VenomGo to Venom
  • Electro'Go to Electro
  • Doctor OctopusGo to Doctor Octopus
  • VultureGo to Vulture
  • Green GoblinGo to Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
  • CarnageGo to Carnage
  • KingpinGo to Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)
  • Dr. DoomGo to Dr. Doom
  • MysterioGo to Mysterio

The Civilians of Spider-Man

  • Aunt MayGo to Aunt May
  • Betty BrantGo to Betty Brant
  • Gwen StacyGo to Gwen Stacy
  • Mary Jane WatsonGo to Mary Jane Watson
  • Felicia HardyGo to Felicia Hardy
  • Carlie CooperGo to Carlie Cooper

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