Carnage Rising!
Publication Date
May 1993

Spider-Man Unlimited #1: Carnage Rising is the first issue under the title Spider-Man Unlimited and the first chapter in the Maximum Carnage Story-Arc. It is the first comic to feature Shriek as a villain.





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Plot SynopsisEdit

Cletus Kasady is transported back to Ravencroft Asylum where Dr. Pournella and Dr. Landis want to help him, while the guards all think his identity as "Carnage" is all just a sham, him in a red costume. However, due to the symbiote being infused in Kasady's blood, it resurfaces. Carnage kills everyone in the Institute. He then meets Shriek, who is bound in a straight jacket and loves the killing. Carnage decides to take her to New York City with him.

At Harry Osborn's funeral, Peter is still having trouble dealing with the fact that he was the new Green Goblin. He also tries to console Liz. Mary Jane then asks Peter to stop being Spider-Man for awhile, and Peter says he'll try.

Carnage tells Shriek his story (Amazing Spider-Man #361-363) and then they go hunt for Spider-Man. Instead they find The Spider-Man Doppleganger and after a fight between Carnage and the Doppleganger, they recruit him to come with them. Sometime later Spider-Man finds Shriek and Doppleganger and a fight ensues. Spider-Man has trouble fighting them both, but after he knocks Shriek into an ally, Doppleganger swings away, taking her to safety.

J. Jonah Jameson walks into his office finding Carnage, who tried to kill him once before, claiming he is going on a Venom Hunt.