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Spider-Man Noir #2
Spider-Man Noir Issue 2
Publication Date
March 2009






Peter spends the next two weeks following and helping Ben Urich and slowly realizes how the corruption goes all the way to the top in New York City. One of Ben's informants rings to give him a tip off of one of The Goblin's shipments, Peter checks it out as Ben is phased out from taking his drugs. Peter arrives to find The Enforcers and Kraven moving a shipment of antiquities. Fancy Dan drops the box and spiders spill out of a broken antiquity and swarm over Dan killing him. One finds its way to Peter who is hiding in the rafters of the building and bites him, saying that her bite only brings death to those of evil intent.

The next day Ben pays Norman Osborn a visit and blackmails him into giving him more money to feed his drug habit so he won’t take the information he has on him to the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man then breaks in and warns Norman that the corruption must end and he must stop. He sees Ben an in his anger lashes out saying Norman has bought him. It is then Ben realizes that he must show the corruption Norman has caused. He goes back to his apartment and rings the Daily Bugle telling J. Jonah Jameson he is giving him all the information he has on Norman, the man impersonating Jameson says he will be right over and kills Ben on his arrival.