Peter Parker
Peter Parker Noir
Personal Assistant
Ben Parker (uncle)
May Parker (aunt)
First Appearance
Spider-Man Noir #1
February 2009
Last Appearance

This is page is for the civilian identity. For the hero identity see: Spider-Man.

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Peter Parker is the civilians identity of Spider-Man.


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Peter Parker was raised by his aunt and uncle, May and Ben, during the Great Depression. Peter was raised on the belief of good triumphing over evil was heavily supportive of his aunt and uncle. Peter was the first person to find his Uncle murdered.

Role in Spider-Man SeriesEdit

Peter Parker, convinced that his Uncle was murdered by the Goblins men wishes he had the strength to stop the crime and corruption in New York City. Ben Urich tries to show him that it is pointless, however he never gets through to Peter which fuels his desire even more.

He is given a job at the Daily Bugle by J. Jonah Jameson as Ben's personal assistant.

After taking a call on Ben's behalf as he is out cold on drugs and is informed of a shipment being moved by The Enforcers, he goes to investigate and sees Fancy Dan killed by Spider's. It is then he is bitten and given the powers of Spider-Man.