New York City
New York City 1218
The Big Apple
New York
First Appearance
Marvel Comics #1
(October, 1939)

New York City is the central location for most events in Spider-Man's life as well as all alternate version of him.

Earth-616 Mainstream ContinuityEdit

In this Universe New York City is a superhero hub. Spider-Man and his allies operate in various neighborhoods. Many major attacks or events have occurred within the city limits including the coming of Galactus and Onslaught's siege.

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Our Universe where the Spider-Man Comics are written.

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Earth-90214 Noir UniverseEdit

New York City Noir

The setting of the Spider-Man Noir saga. Set in the 1930's the city of New York is run by Criminal Overlords and corrupt official.

In this reality Spider-Man uses a gun as well as his web shooters, May Parker is an outspoken critic of the government and J. Jonah Jameson strives to show the people the corruption of the city.

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