Elias Flynn (deceased)
Former Members
First Appearance
Friends and Enemies #1
(January 1995)
Last Appearance

The Metahumes are a group of ordinary people that were given super-powers by crystals that Darkhawk dropped in Madison Square Park. They were brough together by Elias Flynn who gained the ability of mind control from the crystals and led the group to a brief life of crime netting him $10 million after they robbed the Rockefeller Center.

Thought they felt disgusted in their acts they knew they were helpless and soon after Elias planned to sell them on for a bigger profit, however the dealer he was going to sell them to betrayed him and the Metahumes were made to fight The Seekers.

After, Elias is killed and they are free, but this freedom is only brief and they are forced to join The Hostiles who had taken their loved ones captive. The Hostiles plan was to reduce them to a molecular level to discover their abilities so they may sell them for a huge amount of money. However they are saved by Spider-Man, Nova, Speedball and Darkhawk and help them defeat The Hostiles.

Diamond Hammer leaves the group after this, most likely to lead a life of crime whereas the others leave together saying they need time to become used to their new lives and identities.