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Part One

Marvel Knights 5
Publication Date
August 11, 2004

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #5 is the first issue in the Sub-Arc "Venomous" in the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Collected Story-Arc.





Only AppearanceEdit

  • Eddie Brock's pick-up guy (Civilian)

Plot SummaryEdit

Eddie Brock's pick up guy holds a sign bearing the name "Venom" while waiting for Eddie at JFK Airport. This enrages Eddie and he tells the guy to make nice preparations for him, as these will be his last days.

At Peter and Mary Jane's apartment it is shown that Mary Jane is in some financial debt. Peter wakes up yelling for her. She rushes into his room, where Felicia is already watching him. Peter was out for two days, but Felicia took care of his stitches and wounds.

Nothing has been found out about Aunt May's kidnapping, but on the front page is "Spider-Man Unmasked". However, Peter's face is to disfigured from the fight with Electro to identify him, so J. Jonah Jameson is running a competition to find the real Spider-Man, a reward of five million dollars. Felicia then reveals she is working for The Owl, and a fight ensues. Felicia leaves, apologetic, and Mary Jane becomes saddened over Peter and Felicia's similarities.

Peter tries to go over who could have kidnapped Aunt May once again- only the Green Goblin and Venom seeming possible- when the credit card company calls about over-due payments. Him and MJ take a walk and he ensures her everything will turn out and that he loves her.

Spider-Man, on his nightly shift, spots Doctor Octopus rampaging through the city, but quickly dispatches him. A large SWAT team comes and begins swarming over Spider-Man.