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Down Among the Dead Men:
Part Three
Marvel Knights 3
Publication Date
June 18, 2004

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3 is the third part in the Sub-Arc "Down Among the Dead Men" in the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Collected Story-Arc.






Only AppearanceEdit

  • Medical Staff (Civilians)
  • Security Woman (Civilian)

Plot SummaryEdit

Spider-Man begins beating Max, while Adrian jumps out the club window with a suitcase of cash. Spider-Man webs the suitcase, and it opens. Twenty million dollars scatters out into the New York streets. Max turns into Electro and begins fighting Spider-Man.

During the fight Electro talks about his costume, about money and super-villain past times. Spider-Man is confused, as none of it has to do with Aunt May. Electro has learned to ionize metal from Doctor Octopus and blows up a car with children in it. The car explodes and seemingly hits Spider-Man, but he comes out of the debris.

Spider-Man beats Electro to the ground and when Electro tries to shock him, he zips a webline that conducts the electricity back to Electro. Spider-Man and Electro, suits now battle ravaged, talk about Aunt May's whereabouts. Electro tells Spider-Man that The Owl played him. Electro and Vulture went to collect the Kingpin's money a few weeks back, under The Owl's nose, so The Owl used Spider-Man to track them.

Electro then shocks a puddle that Spider-Man was standing on and knocks him off the building. He is picked up by an ambulance and taken to emergency. They remove his mask. At home, Mary Jane sees that Spider-Man is in the hospital, in critical condition and that he has been unmasked, but the hospital has not revealed the identity.

Peter Parker lies in his hospital bed, unconcious, when the Vulture breaks open the window. A security woman steps forward saying that what the Vulture is about to do to Peter is not fair. Vulture responds, "Take a look at the discovery channel, sweetheart. This is what vultures do."