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Down Among the Dead Men:
Part Two
Marvel Knights 2
Publication Date
May 12, 2004

Marvel Knights #2 is the second part in the Sub-Arc "Down Among the Dead Men" (part of the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Collected Story-Arc).





Only AppearanceEdit

  1. Invisible Woman (Sue Richards)
  2. Polaris
  3. Marinna

Plot SummaryEdit

Peter has a cab ready and is asking Mary Jane to leave the city, fearing for her safety. After some reluctance, she gets in the cab. Peter calls the Black Cat hoping she can help him, she agrees. They recite the villains that know Peter's identity, and comes to the conclusion only Norman Osborn is capable of capturing Aunt May.

Spider-Man heads to Ryker's Island and Norman taunts him, telling him that he may or may not have leaked Spider-Man's identity to someone else.

Spider-Man heads to the Avengers hideout in Tony Stark's mansion for help. Jarvis, Stark's mechanical assistant, refuses him access so he breaks in. He fights Stark's guards and tries to ask the Avengers to help. A long discussion ensues and Spider-Man decides to just leave because he needs to find Aunt May.

Spider-Man heads to the lair of The Owl, saying that if he can figure out who has Aunt May, he'll be in The Owl's debt. Thw Owl makes some "calls" and comes back saying it is Electro and Vulture who have her.

Spider-Man tracks Max Dillon and Adrian Toomes (the civilian identities of Electro and Vulture, respectivily) to a night club. When Max is about to have some fun with Yekatarina, a shapeshifter, Spider-Man busts in his room