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Down Among the Dead Men:
Part One
Marvel Knights 1
The dual-sided cover
Publication Date
April 14, 2004

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 is the first issue under the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man title. It is also the first issue in the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Collected Story-Arc and the first part in the Sub-Arc "Down Among the Dead Men."





Only AppearanceEdit

  • Nerdy Resturant Owner (Civilian)
  • Resturant Owner's friend (Civilian)
  • Civilian, long hair, and yellow-green shirt
  • Man that defends the Green Goblin (Civilian)
  • Giant Arabic cabbie (Civilian)

Plot SummaryEdit

A resturant owner and his friend are discussing the craze over DVD's. They decide to takes out the trash and stumble upon Spider-Man lying on the ground. The Green Goblin comes and throws a pumpkin bomb, but Spider-Man saves the duo. A fight ensues, which takes to the sky. Spider-Man savagely beats the Goblin, even hitting him with a mail box. When the Goblin is on the ground a civilian with long hair, and a yellow-green shirt touches some bombs, but he is not killed. Other on-lookers begin calling the police, telling Spider-Man he didn't have to give the Goblin brain damage.

Peter arrives home in a cab, severly damaged with a black eye, scarred face, and broken ribs. Aunt May and Mary Jane pay the giant Arabic cabbie and bring Peter inside. Peter coughs up some blood in the sink, then takes some Tylenol. Aunt May is getting ready to move, Peter and herself reminsce over Doctor Octopus' engagement ring to her, and Peter's old room.

A few days later Peter goes to his job as a teacher and the students badger him about photos of Spider-Man and the royalities he must get. He gets a call from City Council. He heads over to Uncle Ben's grave, and it is vandalized. When he gets there he recieves another call from an unknown caller who talks to Peter about the Green Goblin, the identity, and says the identity is dangerous when the name falls in the wrong hands. The caller leaves saying, "Care for a wheatcake, sweetie?"

Peter rushes to Aunt May's apartment and it's just as he feared: Aunt May is gone.