“If those in power can't be trusted, it's the responsibility of the people to remove them.”
   — Ben Parker
Spider-Man Noir Issue 1
Reality Number
First Appeared
Spider-Man Noir #1
(February 2009)
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Earth-90214 is the designated reality for the Spider-Man Noir Series.

Set in the 1930's this reality revolves around the events after The Great Depression in America when many people in New York City are now either unemployed or homeless.

The City of New York is run openly by criminal gangs and crime bosses who have either scared officials into compliance or have bought them out to keep them quiet.

Aunt May is an outspoken critic who fights for the unemployed condemning the government, Peter Parker is trying to save up for college, Uncle Ben has been killed years ago by the Vulture whilst John Jonah Jameson wishes to free the people and speak out against the criminals that run the city.

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