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Diamond Hammer
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This page is for the super-hero identity. For the civilian identity see: Carl Hollister.

To see a list of Comics and Story-Arcs Diamond Hammer has appeared in see: Diamond Hammer (Appearances).

Diamond Hammer is the villain identity of Carl Hollister.


Diamond Hammer wears a black mask and black t-short cut in a way that shows most of his crystalline body


Diamond Hammer is created after a crystal transforms Carl Hollister when at Madison Square Park. Additionally he wears bright blue trousers.


  • Can transform his body in a crystalline form. In that form, he haa super-human strength and durability.
  • Can generate projections from his body.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit

He is made to rob a bank at Rockefeller Center by Elias Flynn and is disgusted inself for doing so but cannot fight Elias' mind control. He stops a minor rebellion attempt by Assault and Blazeye to get free of Elias. He was to be sold off by Elias for a large profit but the plan changed and he with the other Metahumes end up fighting The Seekers in which they win.

After Elias' death he is no longer under mind control but is forced to join The Hostiles when they reveal they have taken one of his loved ones captive. He is then forced to fight The Hostiles after they are transformed into a giant crystaline monster due to Darkhawk's Crystals. Once defeated they thank Spider-Man for his help and decide they need time to become use to their new powers, Diamond Hammer deciding to leave the Metahumes for good.