Darkhawk Crystals

Darkhawk's Crystals

The Crystals were originally owned by Darkhawk.

They are said by Darkhawk to only function properly in Earth's atmosphere, and originally came from Space.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit

Friends and EnemiesEdit

They were dropped by Darkhawk after the action he had with the Mahari (see Dark Hark Issue 47) in Madison Square Park. They are later discovered and give several different powers to people.

These include:

  • Alexander Patel - The ability to generate crystal and manipulate it in a variety of ways.
  • Barbara DeGioia - The ability to shoot lasers form her eyes.
  • Carl Hollister - The ability to transform his body in a crystalline form and generate projections from his body.
  • Denise Havens - The ability to generate blasts of concussive energy emitted from her hands.
  • Elias Flynn - The ability of mind-control.
  • Edward Wong - The ability to read people minds and send his thoughts to them.
  • Fiona Rivera - The ability to control and manipulate technology.

The crystals use the last of their energy to return to their home planet after they are used together by a member of The Hostiles causing the creation of the person into a giant crstaline monster that absorbs the other members of its team.