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Carnage #5
Carnage Issue 5
Publication Date
August 2011
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain






Michael Hall is told to leave New York City so can say he was never around for the outbreak of Carnage.

Carnage continues to fight Iron Man and Spider-Man in the srteets while Shriek causes a riot, Tanis Nieves feeling ashamed for not killing her when she was at Ravencroft Institute. Iron Man tries to overload the suits of the men Carnage absorbed however Carnage hijacks Iron Mans suit and causes his suit to shut down momentarily after he has to emergency abort hacking into Carnage.

The symbiotic offspring that lives in Tanis' old prosthetic wishes to return to her as it fears Shriek and so Tanis agrees to let it becoming Scorn. As Scorn she kicks down The Spider-Man Doppleganger that comes to Shrieks aid and forces her to use her 'shriek' and through this action Spider-Man and Iron Man managed to defeat Carnage, however he escapes before they can kill him.

Tanis is taken into the care of Tony Stark and is monitored, Shriek ends up in a coma and Carnage is in hiding. Cletus Kasady is seen to have found Michael hall in hiding with the Spider-Man Doppleganger and says he is planning his comeback, he lets the Doppelganger torture Michael.